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Climate & Environmental Action Working Group

The Parish Council is keen to be more proactive in addressing climate change, sustainability and biodiversity issues within both the community and its own activities and operations. We
have, probably several decades too late, established a Climate and Environmental Action Working Group. The remit will be to review its own operations to work towards Net Zero and help the community reduce their carbon footprint where possible.

We would like to get to know what groups and individuals are already doing, so that we could hopefully co-ordinate efforts and avoid any duplication. There are 45 organisations listed at the back of the PVN and we know several more informal groups that exist, any of which could be represented on the Working Group.

We would love to get a broad spectrum of people involved so if you haven’t already got in touch and feel that your contribution might help, please contact Jon Webster or the Clerk and we will be setting up a meeting of interested parties and start to make a difference.