Community Grants 2021

Pembury Cricket club playing cricket
Pembury Cricket Club at their home ground

We are delighted to announce that Pembury Cricket Club has been successful in their application for Community Funding from Pembury Parish Council! The club has been awarded £1,000 towards work required to repair the outfield of the cricket ground as it has suffered significantly from an infestation of leatherjackets, resulting in a considerable number of large areas where grass had literally ceased to grow. The club has over 40 adult and 70 junior members who will benefit from the improvements. Andrew Dawes (PCC Chairman) said “The grant from the Parish Council comes at an incredibly important time for the cricket club and is so gratefully received. The infestation of leatherjackets in the ground destroyed much of our outfield and the money has been put towards environmentally friendly treatments that will hopefully see the grass re-growing and ensuring that cricket can be played safely for many years to come”.