Doorstep Code

Most people who will call at a vulnerable person’s home will be genuine, but occasionally someone will turn up and attempt to trick their way into a person’s home. They are known as “distraction burglars”, who’s attention is to distract a person, get in their home and steal their valuables.

When someone you do not recognised is knocking on your door follow the Doorstep Code:

  • Don’t open the door without using the Doorstep code.
  • Observe first – always look through a window or door viewer.
  • Only Open the door after connecting the chain or limiter.
  • Refuse entry in you are not satisfied.
  • Switch on outside lights when it’s dark to see who’s there.
  • Think “thief” – ask to see an identity card and check it closely.
  • Ensure strangers are not left alone in your home.
  • Protect yourself – if you are worried ring the police.

For more information on security, please visit the Kent Police Website and search “Burglary” in the search bar.