Garage and Shed Crime

Garages are often no more secure than a garden shed, and yet they are regularly used to house valuables like bikes, power tools, freezers, and sometimes event motor vehicles.  The most vulnerable part of the shed/garage is the main front door, but the security of any side doors and windows should also be considered.

The Following steps can be taken to increase the security of your shed/garage:

  • Check that your household insurance policy covers theft for your garden an outbuilding.
  • Install security lighting. A low energy fitting with a dawn to dusk sensor will be the cheapest to run and offer the greatest deterrent against crime.
  • Give your locks and bolts a “health check” – replace any rusty items, ensure all padlocks and hasps near the British Standard kite mark and are made of hardened steel.
  • Consider CCTV for outside of your property facing towards your garden shed. Also, CCTV for inside your garage. This can be remotely activated from your smart phone or any other smart device.
  • Always remember to keep your garage doors closed, do not advertise the contents to a potential criminal.
  • Fit a simple shed/Garage alarm.
  • Install anchor points inside shed/garage to secure larger items such as motorbikes, lawnmowers, ladders with a padlock and chain.
  • Fitting a plate across the top of the frame. This can prevent an offender reaching over and releasing the door from the outside.
  • Mark all property in the shed/garage using either UV, etching or forensic marking. This can then be uploaded to “Immobilise”.

For more information on security, please visit the Kent Police Website and search “Burglary” in the search bar.