Tunbridge Wells Borough Council (TWBC) are developing their Local Plan for the period to 2036.  It is expected that they need to provide for an additional 13k homes in the borough during this period.  TWBC have undertaken a “Call for Sites” exercise where landowners notify TWBC of their land available to be developed.

An interactive map of the sites can be seen here.

The Call for Sites was followed by an Issues and Options document setting out the Borough Council’s initial thoughts about what a new Local Plan should contain and the issues it should address. It also sets out a number of possible options for where and how the future growth of the borough might be located.   A copy of the responses to this public consultation can be found here.

The timetable has been delayed due to the need for further evidence work and to allow for work to be undertaken with the steering groups preparing Neighbourhood Development Plans.

TWBC has confirmed that the current timetable includes

  • a six-week consultation on the Draft Local Plan (Regulation 18) –  from Friday 20 September to Friday 01 November 2019.
  • a consultation on a Pre-Submission Local Plan (Regulation 19) – from Friday 07 August to Friday 02 October 2020;
  • submission of the plan – December 2020.

The Parish Council will closely monitor matters and ensure that the interests of Pembury’s current and future residents remain paramount.  We will know which sites in Pembury, if any, are being taken forward to the next stage in September 2019.

In June 2019, the press released the information that some 4,000 new homes were planned around Paddock Wood and a new “Garden Village” of 2,600 homes planned at Tudely.  Tunbridge Wells Borough Council have updated their website with details of the proposed development here.

Updates will be posted here when they become available.