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Parish Councillor Vacancies – May 2019

Following the recent uncontested election in Pembury, we currently have one vacancy for a Parish Councillor on Pembury Parish Council.  The Parish Council has 2 committees:

  • Finance & HR Committee
  • Planning & Highways Committee

It also has 3 Working Groups:

  • Allotment & Burials Working Group
  • Communication & Events Working Group
  • Open Spaces Working Group

The committees and working groups are involved in all aspects of Pembury and the Parish Council including the Recreation Grounds, Sports Pitches, Litter & dog fouling projects, events, various green open spaces, consultee on planning applications, transport and highways and anything to do with Pembury!

If you can spare some time to help with projects, why not consider joining us!  Give the Parish Office a call to find out more on 01892-823193 or email

If you’d like to give it a try, please complete an application form and post or email the Clerk for consideration by the Council.

One thought on “Parish Councillor Vacancies – May 2019

  1. To TWBC (SENT)

    I understand that TWBC are considering a planning application for a Motor Village adjacent to Tesco at Pembury.

    I wish to lodge the following objections:-

    1. Pembury Village is under threat of losing its Village Community status.

    Overspill of parking in the village already occurs from Tunbridge Wells Hospital as insufficient parking and parking charges drive people to seek free parking in Pembury high street and some minor roads.

    The proposed Motor Village will add to this vehicular hiatus.

    Excess vehicle parking is causing residents off pavements and into the road when walking some routes. This increases danger to life.

    2. The main road A264 into Tunbridge Wells is already heavily conjested at peak and some off peak times.

    The increased traffic has caused road rage incidents and also a hazzard for emergency vehicles to and from the Hospital.

    How many lives have been lost due to the late arrival of medical emergency transport?

    3. There is a significant number of vacant sites at North Farm.

    If the proposed Motor Village proceeds then Pembury Village will begin an inextricable link to North Farm and eventually Tunbridge Wells. This loss of Village Life is likely to drive people away to seek quieter life. Some of those objecting are charity fund raisers, members of Rotary, Round Table and supporters of essential services. 

    I urge TWBC to reject the application in order to preserve our Village and its residents.

    Kind regards

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