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Proposed Hendy Motor Village – on Tesco site, Pembury Road

The deadline for comments has been extended! TWBC will be determining the application at one of their planning committee meetings.  We still do not know the date of the meeting but TWBC will accept comments up to this date.  Once we have received notice of the meeting we will share the date!

Please let TWBC know your views about the application and the impact it will have on Pembury!

Hendy’s have submitted a planning application for 7 car dealerships on land adjacent to the Tesco site in Pembury.  Access will be shared with Tesco traffic.

The application to Tunbridge Wells Borough Council can be viewed on their website by clicking here Search for planning application number 19/00884/FULL. Or email

Please let TWBC know your views about the application!

The Parish Council have considered the planning application and OBJECT to the proposal on the following grounds:

  • Increased congestion on the A264, A21 and Pembury High Street which already suffer from substantial congestion problems
  • Increased rat running in Cornford Lane and Halls Hole Road
  • Loss of parking at the Tesco site
  • Likely parking overspill into Pembury village
  • The development is more suited to North Farm Industrial Estate

The Parish Council’s full response can be downloaded here.

Download your copy of the poster to display Hendy flyer FINAL or Hendy banner FINAL

36 thoughts on “Proposed Hendy Motor Village – on Tesco site, Pembury Road

  1. I do not support the idea of motor dealerships along the Pembury Road into Tunbridge Wells. The present infrastructure simply does not support such a development. The road is already gridlocked …certainly at peak times…but there are tailbacks throughout the day. Adding the possibility of more traffic onto this road is sheer madness.

    1. Avatar for Council Administrator

      Stephen Dunkerley

      I object, the current infrastructure and site cannot support this. Traffic current around the Pembury road Tesco’s roundabout is beyond what should be reasonably expected.
      Quite apart from the “need” there are countless car show rooms on North Farm I see little advantage or need to the community to put another one in Pembury, surely we should be lioking at alternatives that bring real
      Prospects in to the village for work and value instead of a business model that eats space and employes very few

    2. I think this is a terrible idea. The road is so congested in the mornings as it is already, it can often take 40 minutes to drive 2 miles from Pembury into Tunbridge Wells! I sometimes choose to walk the distance if time allows rather than remain in stationary traffic.

  2. There is never enough customer parking on a motor dealership. Overspill will just increase the parking problem in Pembury. Put the dealership with the competition on North Farm. Also the effect on traffic to and from Tunbridge Wells , already a headache, will just add to infrastructure problems.

  3. I cycle to work everyday and it is already bad enough when going through the high street avoiding pot holes, and then all the people who think the cycle lane is a designated parking space that I have to move out to the middle of the road.

    This will mean I have to go on the path or onto the other side of the road just to get to work. I object to this being built there this a village not an industrial estate.

  4. I agree with all of the objections raised above. I am local to Pembury and find it so difficult to just move around this village and Pembury Road in a relaxed, normal manner. We cannot keep building on empty land to highest bidder. Green and open spaces are SO important and we should all object to such a monstrous industrial site be plonked into what are already overrun spaces!

  5. We as residents really have to unite and stop the proposed motor village. The traffic between Pembury and Tunbridge wells is already hellish. the hatings road through our village will end up being a car park. This should never happen in Pembury or any other village. The north far industrial estate is just 1 mile away from the Tesco site. That is where it should go. hhank you

  6. Well who in Pembury needs this ive never heard of anything so stupid.
    the traffic is a nightmare at the moment this will just cause more traffic jams do any of the counselors and planners have to dive around t.well to work.NO so before any more stupid counselors make decisions on building anymore of anything in t.wlll just look at the traffic jams in and out of Tunbridge well and Southboroug.
    Bunches of Idiots.

  7. The question. Is WHY I can’t imagine that the motor dealers make enough money on North Farm anyway

    I object for the village of Pembury
    I object for access lots of children use the road for cycling and walking to school

    I object because of Congestion on the Pembury Road which from 2 pm in the afternoon until
    6 pm is grid locked

    The deliveries of cars on the large transport carriers

    There was meant to be a park and ride on the site at Tesco’s but nothing happened why did that fail ?

    If anything there should be facilities for Electric cars to top up

    This planning application must not be agreed

  8. Avatar for Council Administrator

    Mrs C A Cottenham

    I odject most strongly to this proposal. Pembury Rd is gridlocked now this will make it worse, effecting the emergency services to the hospital. This would be better suited to North Farm where there is already several car showrooms.
    If this development goes through, the disruption it would cause for months will be totally unacceptable.

  9. This is not an appropriate venture for a village like Pembury. There are already ongoing traffic issues and this can only exacerbate the problem.

  10. Avatar for Council Administrator

    robin musgrove-wethey

    This is a great idea and just what Pembury needs. A new development on land that is of no use to anyone – adjacent to the A21 and round- abouts, to get any traffic away from the village centre and straight onto a main road so that there will be no more congestion in the village centre.
    Great for employment prospects for the adult and junior population – more apprenticeships for our kids and bringing more cash to the local council – wasted land at the present brings no income to the local council in commercial rates.
    Free’s up the existing site opposite the old Kent and Sussex Hospital (and look at the transformation of that old redundant site!) I bet 10 years ago, the nay-sayers also objected to the new hospital also being built in Pembury, and look at the new life saving hospital and its facilities now.
    No – bring it all on and lets get moving into the 21st Century – stop living in the past – start thinking about all of the good things that it will bring to you and your community.

    1. You’re so right!!!! More traffic so ambulances can’t get through, more pollution in the green belt area, more problems in terms of parking in the village. Do you even live here? Mental.

    2. Avatar for Council Administrator

      Christine Cottenham

      To build an additional 300 houses in Pembury on top of the Hendy Project is total madness. The infrastructure will not sustain it. Let alone the extra traffic. I think TWBC are smoking the happy backy. They are definitely on something..

  11. I have replied to planning email with an objection

  12. I have replied to the planning email address with an objection

  13. If Hendy won’t to build a motor village build in on North Farm . We the residents of Pembury do not want it adjacent to our village. Regardless what they say it will increase traffic in the village and parking will get worst.

  14. If you’ve commented to share your objections, please ensure that you email quoting application number 19/00884, as only objections sent to that email will count! Time is running out to make your voice heard….

  15. Avatar for Council Administrator

    Gillian Wakefield

    I object strongly to the proposed motor village in Pembury.
    Think of the residents of Pembury and of the store of Tesco.
    So much more congestion on A264.
    More suitable for North Farm with all the other dealerships.

  16. I have lived in Pembury all my life, I totally object to this planning of a motor village.
    It is an awful road when a dual carriageway goes into single lane into Tunbridge Wells, with people fighting to get through at the top roundabout. From woods gate there are two pedestrian crossings and one set of traffic lights. The people of Pembury fought to get the village bye passes built, now to be used as a rat run, very dangerous for everybody who live here!!

    1. Quite surprised to see there was a demo on village green last Saturday, I luce in Pembury and would have joined in if I’d known about it, where can I find info on future protests……

      1. Avatar for Council Administrator

        Council Administrator

        Please check out our Facebook page or posters in the notice boards for any future protests. You may also wish to contact Sue Nuttall, who organised the rally and has plans for a march on the Town Hall in the near future. Details will be posted onto our Facebook page when all of the details are known.

  17. I think the motor village will be better off somewhere else as it gets so congested in pembury and I don’t think tescos should lose parking spaces for a motor village

  18. I do not approve of having a motor village in pembury it’s gets congested in pembury as it is so I think it should go somewhere else with a bit more space and tescos should stay as it is

  19. Motor dealerships always create additional congestion as cars are delivered and moved around on a regular basis throughout the day.
    Large car transporters will add to the already highly congested pembury road and the roundabouts will be even more clogged up with additional trucks and cars using it.

    Why not use the land directly off the A21 by the industrial park where they put funfairs occasionally? Much more suited and better for business I’m sure

  20. When the Tesco’s is busy There is barely enough parking for the customers and There will be more congestion on Pembrey Road which is bad enough already it would be better situated down Longfield Road

  21. Please email your objections to the TWBC planning dept
    (their email is at the top of the page).
    It’s OK to note your objections here too,
    but only those sent to TWBC can have any effect.

  22. I strongly object to this motor village. The traffic in Pembury towards Tunbridge Wells every day is horrendous. This would add greatly to the problem. We don’t need a motor village. We need proper village facilities and fewer cars – not more.

  23. I also object. There are already plenty of car dealerships in Tonbridge and in North Farm. Additionally, increased traffic at a busy intersection and parking issues make this a poor planning proposal.

  24. Pembury is not the place to put this motor village. Put it on North Farm with the other motor trades a much better site for this motor monster.

  25. I have also lodged my objections to the proposed motor village with TWBC. The site is already problematic due to the current congestion; the hospital route needs to be kept as clear as possible; increased jams will cost lives if the ambulances are delayed even longer; Tunbridge Wells shops will also lose business if the roads are even more clogged than now, and there are more suitable sites on the industrial estate.

  26. Maybe a better site for Hendy at the once contractor site for the A21 at Fairthorne. But noway Tesco site.

  27. We need to reduce not increase congestion and emissions.
    Hendy should move to the Industrial Estate.
    Infrastructure needs putting in place before considering any housing or industrial developments.

  28. There is always huge congestion on the dual carraigeway outside Tesco’s with people going to and from the town it seems madness to increase traffic there.There are also a number of children cycling to the Academy, how will the cycle paths be affected. People need a car park to shop. Why is Tesco’s any different from Sainsburys?

  29. I have also responded to the consultation process in the following terms:

    Dear TWBC Planning committee,

    I am writing both as a local resident and as a member of the Tunbridge Wells Bicycle User’s Group.

    We are sure you will agree that nobody who has taken on board the warnings of serious climate change scientists, and the very reasonable and informed views of the Extinction Rebellion campaigners and Greta Thurnberg could possibly support any development which celebrates and promotes the use of motor vehicles.

    Pembury and Tunbridge Wells may be small places in a small island on our planet, but we all have a part to play in the urgent responsibility to reign in the pollution of our atmosphere, locally and globally.

    This development, and any development which prioritises motor traffic to the detriment of noiseless, healthy and non-polluting ‘active travel’ (i.e. walking and cycling) should be discouraged.

    Please do not be swayed by arguments about ‘good for the economy’ and ‘will create jobs’. There will be no economy and no jobs if we continue to poison our air and our planet with greenhouse gases, of which 34% come from the motor industry.

  30. I object since pembury village is not the correct setting for a motor village, it could ruin the atmosphere of the village. It’s a village not an industrial estate!!!

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