Vehicle Crime

For most of us, our car is the second largest purchase we make. It should be secure. When leaving you vehicle unattended make sure any valuables are hidden or taken with you and the security of your vehicle is up to date. Below, are a few reminders to ensure that your vehicle is secure.

 An Immobiliser

Most manufacturers now fit these as standard.

 Doors Fitted with deadlocks

Sometimes called double locking or the new electronic locks.

 Window etching

The vehicle registration number and/or VIN etched on all glass surfaces is further useful deterrent to theft.

 Lock Wheels Nuts

Especially relevant if you have expensive alloy wheels.

 Lockable Fuel Cap

Helps avoid fuel being siphoned from your vehicle.

 Protecting your Number Plates

To prevent your plates from being stolen, you could: Remove the existing screws, apply some super glue around the underside of the screw head (Taking care not to get any on the thread) and replace. The screw becomes permanently attached to the number plate, making it very difficult to remove without damaging the plate.

Not all vehicle number plates are screwed on some are stuck with adhesives. Owners can have holes drilled through the plates and body, but it is advisable to check with the manufacture beforehand to avoid damage and invalidating the warranty. Alternatively, replace your existing plates with anti-tamper plates – visit to arrange a visit to your home or work.

Car Alarm

This system sounds an audible and possibly visual warning when the vehicle is tampered with.

 Security Glazing

Specially strengthened glass fitted to the side windows of your car makes it much more difficult for a theft to break in, particularly if deadlocks have also been fitted. However, a British Standard for a car security glazing has only recently been agreed so it may be sometimes before this feature is standard on most cars.

 Radio, CD Players and Dashcams

Always remove these if you can. Whether removable or not, all equipment should be marked both visibly and permanently with the vehicle registration number. Make a note of the serial number and keep it in a safe place.

 Tracking Devices.

You may wish to check whether a vehicle-tracking device can be supplied. These enable a car to be tracked by the police or system operator if it is stolen.


For more information on security, please visit the Kent Police Website and search “Burglary” in the search bar.