Defibrillators in Pembury

Defibrillators in Pembury

There are six defibrillators in Pembury. If you are ever in the position of having to use one, you must dial 999 and the ambulance operator will give you the code for the specific defibrillator cabinet. You must then put in the code to open it. The machine will give clear oral instructions – all you have to do is follow them. Don’t worry you CANNOT give someone a shock if that is not what is needed.

Step 1: Turn the defibrillator on by pressing the green button and follow its instructions.

Step 2: Peel off the sticky pads and attach them to the patient’s skin, one on each side of the chest, as shown in the picture on the defibrillator.

Step 3: Once the pads have been attached, stop CPR and don’t touch the patient. The defibrillator will then analyse the patient’s heart rhythm.

Step 4: The defibrillator will assess whether a shock is needed and if so, it will tell you to press the shock button. Do not touch the patient while they are being shocked.

Step 5: The defibrillator will tell you when the shock has been delivered and whether you need to continue CPR.

Step 6: Continue with chest compressions and rescue breaths until the patient shows signs of life, the defibrillator tells you to stop so it can analyse the heartbeat again or professional medical help arrives.

The defibs in Pembury are located at:
1) The wall outside the chemist (public access)
2) The primary school
3) The doctors’ surgery
4) Tesco (at customer services)
5) The Pavilion (Recreation Ground)
6) King William IV public house
7) Pembury Baptist Church (public access)