Report It!

Report It!

Who should you report problems to?  Here is a list of the most popular items to help you:

Kent County Council

KCC have a reporting section on their website for various problems including:

  • street light faults
  • potholes
  • drainage
  • traffic signal faults
  • overgrown vegetation (including hedges and grass).

Tunbridge Wells Borough Council

TWBC have a reporting section on their website for the following:

  • abandoned vehicles
  • bin collection problems
  • Littering and fly tipping
  • issues with dogs such as barking, lost or found dogs
  • Planning breaches

Pembury Parish Council

PPC is responsible for a number of areas in the village.  Please report any problems you see in the village that relate to the following using the form below:

  • Lower Green Recreation Ground
  • Pembury Burial Ground and Lower Green Cemetery
  • Old Coach Road
  • Village Green
  • War Memorial
  • Streetlights in the following roads only.  Please quote the individual references on each streetlight:
    • Belfield Road
    • Henwood Green Road
    • Pembury Close
    • Romford Road
    • Kings Toll Road
    • Woodside Road
Please enter your email, so we can follow up with you.