Pembury Parish Council and Climate Change

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The exceptionally hot summer this year has hopefully started people thinking about climate change. All sorts of unwanted weather records have been broken and whilst many people will have enjoyed the lengthy spell of hot weather, the reality of the situation needs to be seriously appraised. The Parish Council is keen to be more proactive in addressing climate change, sustainability and biodiversity issues within both the community and its own activities and operations. We have, probably several decades too late, established a Climate Change/Environmental Working Group. The remit will be to review its own operations to work towards Net Zero and help the community reduce their carbon footprint where possible. One of the main points of this article is to get YOU – the person reading this to consider how YOU can make the small contribution that each of us needs to make to help save the planet. Additionally, how YOU can take steps to improve the environmental and ecological situation around the village.

We, the Working Group, need to get as much input from the Pembury community regarding steps that can be taken, and where the Parish Council can assist, if not directly, but by lobbying the various government levels to make a practical difference. We would also like to get to know what groups and individuals are already doing, so that we could hopefully co-ordinate efforts and avoid any duplication.

There are 45 organisations listed at the back of this publication and I know several more informal groups that exist, any of which could be represented on the Working Group. We would love to get a broad spectrum of people involved so if you feel that your contribution might help, please contact Jon Webster or the Clerk and we can set up a meeting of interested parties and start to make a difference.

An example of action you might be able to take is if you know of or own unused land, this could be re-forested or re-wilded (or at least a couple of native trees planted).  Another, turning your central heating thermostat down a degree or two, or turning radiators off in little-used rooms. And lastly, consider buying a water butt to catch rainfall and minimise water usage. These can be bought for about £25 and fixed to or under roof drainage pipes and can be utilised in drier periods.

Please help and make a difference.

Cllr Jon Webster