Update from Waterfield House Surgery January 2022


It’s our pleasure to let you know that Dr Chinwe Okechukwu has joined the surgery. She has special interest in Dementia. Dr Chinwe will be running clinics on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.


Dr Woods patient list is now distributed across 3 GPs (Dr Justice, Dr Minkah and Dr Chinwe):

  • Dr Chinwe – Patients with Surname from Aa to Sm
  • Dr Justice – Patients with Surname from Sp to Van
  • Dr Minkah – Patients with Surname from Var to Ze

If you are over 75 years, you will receive the letter to notify of this change. 

Please note that the above changes are for Dr Woods’ patient list only. If you are already registered under Dr Minkah or Dr Justice this change will not affect you. This does not prevent you from seeing another GP in the practice.