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The TWBC draft plan is now available to view.  To see what impact this will have on Pembury and the surrounding areas, please visit our Local Plan web page.

4 thoughts on “TWBC Draft Local Plan – NOW AVAILABLE

  1. The proposed local plan seems good for Pembury. A few more houses but not massive expansion. There are certain to be objections but it is sad that young People find it hard to find affordable housing locally. I expect that the usual 40% of new houses will be affordable and hope that we can welcome a reasonable number of new families and the children of current families into the village. Can we recommend that preference be given to locals and their relatives for the affordable homes?

    In view of the traffic congestion is it not time that Cornford Lane was made into a proper 2 lane road to help divert traffic around Tunbridge Wells?

  2. The whole plan is completely un workable with the proposed Capel., Paddock Wood and smaller Pembury sites with our already stretched road network and the constantly queuing at the A 21 /A282 Colts Hill congestion at Woods Gate and Pembury Road . The plan should be focused on developments closer to Tunbridge Wells , ie Hurst Woods , Brokes Wood and Reynolds Lane areas as these outlying large new housing developments are not workable.

  3. On the subject of increased road congestion, does anyone know where the access is planned to the proposed development beyween the A21 and Hastings Road ? I can’t quite see enough detail on the map. Is it actually on Hastings Road ? If so, there needs to be a radical re think, traffic is steadily increasing on the road due to the hospital and the ever increasing congestion backing up the A21 from Kippings Cross. A combination of parked cars and the fact the road is also a bus route means that is increasingly gridlocked at peak travel times. Adding this number of extra houses ( assume most households run 2 cars in this area ) will increase the chaos. Notwith standing that beyond the roads , the general infrastructure ( schools, GP practice ) will not cope.

  4. The proposed Hendy motor village & 300 or so new dwellings must not happen. Pembury road is already far to congested, emergency vehicles will struggle to get through and lives will be lost.

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